Welcome to New World Gold Corp

New World Gold Corporation continues to grow through development and production of existing reserves, acquisition and development of new reserves and processing of third party reserves at it's mills.

Previously the Company had focused on domestic gold reserves. However, the Company has been very successful in Ecuador and Peru and has defined a large proven reserve of 695,000 oz of gold and significant probable reserves that the Company is evaluating to change into a proven reserve. At the same time the Company will continue to acquire additional proven reserves that are ready to come on to productions.

The Company has shown excellent growth in 2011 and now has 5 producing mines and 3 operating mills. The Company projects that in 2012 it will acquire another producing mine and one more mill while at the same time increasing its proven gold reserves and its daily production.

Key Highlights:

  1. New World Gold has 5 producing gold mines.
  2. The Company has 3 fully operating mills with a combined capacity of 380 tonnes per day.
  3. The average head grade of the ore being processed is 1.0 oz of gold and 15 gm of silver per tonne of ore.
  4. The Company processes ore from other mines increasing cash flow and profits.
  5. The Company has proven reserves in excess of 695,000 oz of gold.
  6. The Company has probable reserves greater than 1,200,000 oz of gold.
  7. The Company is working to change these reserves from probable to proven.
  8. New World Gold will continue to increase reserves through acquisitions.
  9. The Company continues to have an active reclamation program.
  10. The Company had record revenues and profits in 2011 and expects to exceed these results in 2012.